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Finally, an app where you can rent and lend out the items you own. Introducing Buro, the newest and most easiest to use peer-to-peer rental market place.

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LifeSlide is an Android app that is oriented to earn money by unlocking your device The system is based on “lives”. 1000 “lives” are worth $1. Your own “lives” are calculated each day but you only can get paid when those lives are available which are verified the 20th day of the next month. The minimum amount to cash out is $2. via Paypal

CashMagnet is Android app that allows to earn extra income while you are not using your phone. The program works only while you are not using your phone,  Cash can be redeemed to your PayPal account.

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Install Embee Meter CX and get Paid How does it work? After you click "Join Now" and turn on the Meter, you automatically earn “Meter Points” every day just for using your phone normally. Within only a few days, you can cash out your “Meter Points” for cash through Paypal, Gift Cards or Mobile Airtime (Depending on country).

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